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1st June 2004

bluecoffeekitty3:02am: geeky comic stuff
hello hello, yes, I'm new here. I havent bought comics in quite a while (seeing as how I dont have any money and all that good stuff) but I just found something and need SOMEBODY to help me figure out if it is worth anything since I can't find it on line.
I have, in my little paws, a boxed (well, encased in plastic, that is) set of Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1-5 that was sold I think at wal-mart around '92. Anyhoo, its NRFP, though the package is a little worse for wear and rather discolored, though it is still mostly sealed (its just rather old and obveously not taken care of, I got it in a box of stuff from a yard sale a couple of years ago). It is apparently one set of 70,000, it has a "treat Pedigree collection" logo at the top of the package with the serial no. 016695

Soooo... any ideas on price/value? I'm just curious, and since I cant find anything online, I figured I'd pop in and ask around.

--Kitsune Blue
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14th August 2003

badcoffee10:26pm: Pose of the Day, 'cause I said so
There are a few things that will happen if Hell ever freezes over. Pete will stop smoking. Logan will put on a suit and do a song-and-dance routine. Jean will become a genuinely sweet and person with a winning personality. And Squall will go around HUGGING PEOPLE. Jubilee would drop her bag again, but she's sort of squished against Squall in a very HUGGING SORT OF WAY that seems to involve touching. Then, like Allegra, Squall starts babbling and Jubilee makes a huge effort to seperate the two in her mind. Right. This is Allegra. Wearing a very convincing Squall costume.
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1st August 2003

badcoffee11:55am: I amuse myself too much.
Remy watches this. He knows Squall too well to let it pass. "...Squall, did somethin' happen to you too?" A brow arches as he settles back against the couch, wincing as he moves.

"Bit myself shaving," is the prompt, sardonic reply.
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30th June 2003

fireworkjubilee1:58am: It was 2am. And there was Lamp Chop.
It's so funny, it hurts. Or, maybe it just hurts and I'm confused, I'm not sure.

The McGough Happy Fun Time Kiddie HourCollapse )
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23rd June 2003

thisisradiopete9:23pm: OOC Convo With Cat
On the subject of Pete and Nick meeting, from Cat's player:

"I /so/ am desperate to, and afraid of, seeing whatever might come in one of /those/ logs. ;) Nick: *teen angst* I hate you! Pete: *stare* Cat's not here. Sod off. Nick: *grrrrr* It's all your fault. Pete: *drinking scotch* 9 out of ten, you're right. Anyway? Sod off."

She may be a prophetess yet.
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9th June 2003

badcoffee11:59pm: Pose of the Day.
Because they let her stay, sleep, shower and eat there, she figures the least she can do is pick up a little, and make sure she's not making a mess. And so Remy will eventually find her in the kitchen, eyeing Squall's coffeepot speculatively, while holding a Brillo-pad, and a small bottle of vinegar. "All right. F'it screams, we stop," she tells the Brillo-Pad, chewing on her lower lip.
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badcoffee11:47pm: Should've posted it here to begin with.
Meme thing again.Collapse )
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4th May 2003

fireworkjubilee5:44pm: Because craziness is fun.
OOC Squall says, "Oh, believe me, I'm kicking myself for it."
OOC Remy is guilting, Guilt!
.*OOC*. Jubilee is... um... half-concerned? A little?
OOC Squall grins. Such a team.
OOC Remy offers Squall some of his coffee.
OOC Squall beams. Yay coffee.
.*OOC*. Jubilee grins. Squall, Remy, Jubilee, Logan... it could be great. But what would we call it? ;)
OOC Remy says, "Squiregileeogan."
OOC Squall says, "....no."
OOC Remy says, "C'mon, it rolls off the tongue!"
OOC Remy says, "Teen Mutant Squad! Untrustworthy! Throws Sparks! The Pretty One!"
.*OOC*. Jubilee DIES
OOC Squall says, "Squall won't let me make the comment that ought to respond to that."
.*OOC*. Jubilee says, "So, who gets to be the Pretty One? ;)"
OOC Squall dies.

I think Logan should get to be the 'Pretty One'.... And now I must go put myself in the witness protection program. Later!
Current Mood: amused
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